day 2 : UnLearning the learnings

A memorable sight….
As words cannot measure Vishwarupa. I don’t have words to describe the divine work of self  service of SevaVratis.

I became speechless, my voice gets chocked, my eyes were full of tears and my heart was full of emotions
after seeing the works done by Sevavratis. Kalyan Ashram runs a house for tribal children at Ambice Veyar Srimati Girija’s family take care of it.

On March 8th
 2010, I visited Kalla Bavi, a hamlet which was 11 kms from Ambica nagar. It was an interior village, a small
hamlet of 20-29 houses. In the middle of the village was a Shivalayam and Anjaneya Swamy temple. Kalyan Ashram runs Gokul Shishumandir a small school. A lean but tall girl by name Preeti Raisaje appeared with
whistle hanging in her neck.
Greeting us with Namaste Preeti showed her school in a hall. Adjoining the hall was a small room which was preeti’s residence. Being a Pracharak for 20 years I thought it would have been impossible for me to stay at such a small place.
When asked abou…

Seva hai yagnakund: Ajitji the soul of Hindu Seva Pratishtan

To realize the import and impact of Ajitji life and the mission of Hindu Seva Pratishtan the episode
of saddest day of his demise speaks eloquently.
A mother inconsolably weeping collapsed at the feet of Ajitji’s body. She was one amongst the
thousands of silent grievers. That mother got up to face another frightening sight of her own son’s death
Shri Ganesh – a pracharak who happened to be the car driver. It was a double blow to that mother. In that
hour of deep mourning the people got dumb struck to hear few words of that mother of Ganesh. She was
chiding the dead son for the blunder of driving the car in half sleep and resulting in the death of Ajitji. She
wept for her child but more than that she was upset over the fact that Ajitji was lost for the society
because of her son. It was unbelievable. Ajitji had got that place in everyone’s heart. Ajitji gave second
birth to thousands of Sevavratis. He gave a mission and meaning to their lives. His life was a inspiration.
He manifeste…

Day 1 - Hindu sewa Pratishtana

March 4th 2010 I am given a volunteer to co-ordinate my visits and tour throughout along with me. And my breathtaking journey unveiled. Myself, Jyothiammathe seva vrati were traveling in a bus from Tirthhalli to Karangiri (kargadi).  I sat to the window and through it came my visuals of a life time. The mother earth drapped in green sari and moving to the gentle winds, seems trying to touch the blue sky.  You can only be a Bamkin Chandra to unveil mother India in prose.It was a sight to see.    This is Malayanadu gifted with highest rainfall.  Crisscrossed with hills and valleys it is a thing of beauty. Beetle nut trees with pepper creepers were emitting a fragrance.  Coffere plantation were competing with Jack fruit plantations, it is as if nature is competing with itself.The beauty of the nature might have caught on to the humans living amongst and perhaps that’s one reason why we have more Seva Vratis born and evolving from this part of the country.

MY Introduction- to Karnataka / Hindu Sewa Pratishtana

It was 10.00 am on 2010 Feb 25 Thursday, Yashwanthapur Express came to a grinding halt.  It was feeling similar to the evening school bell, the joy of going home for the children.There were passengers all around getting down happily leaving with luggages to their destinations after a long journey. There is a famous Telugu movie song,“Time doesn’t stand still for anybody otherwise the world can never moves”.  I was stopped by a voice “Vasuji”, that was Girish of Hindu Seva Pratisthan. I came out looking for changes since I last came to Bangalore. It is almost five years since. Change is inevitable and good to see the modern face of Bangalore Hoardings announcing the brands and the new age Bangalore, the traffic jams the people all around crowded and a pleasant colourful posters announcing 500 years celebrations of the vijayanagara ruler Sri Krishna Deveraya’s Coronation. It took almost an hour to reachAjitasree the headquarters of the Pratisthan. It’s a three storied building, the grou…

Ajithji: The man behind the mission

Before moving any further let me introduce to you the great soul Late Ajitji (Sri Ajith Kumar Jain)
Late Ajitji (Sri Ajith Kumar Jain) is a gold medalist in Engineering. After his studies he has rejected to takeup a job and lead a normal life. He dedicated himself for the nation. In 1980 he established Hindu Seva Pratisthan. He was the founding director and for ten years he lived his body as Hindu Seva pratishtana. It is his voice that still leads 5,000 volunteers towards social transformation with independence and selfless activities irrespective of discrimination. Let service be part of your attitude and not a profession.

This one mans Vision has now multiplied in to 12 organisations and 200 Seva vratis (volunteers) at any given point of time pledging to serve the society for a minimum of 3 years ofcourse 5000 seva vratis both full time / part time an awesome feel.
Do you wish to have darshan of God in Society. Then come forward. Me, you and we will move ahead.

Why this Desperation and Dejection? You are fortunate, endowed with a tremendous inner energy.

If you get up today healthy then feel that you are more fortunate than 10 lakh brethren who are ill. If you have not seen bloody wars, life in a jail, relief camp, in severe drought then you are better placed than 2 crores orphaned children. If you free to move without an arm for self protection then that means you are not in countries where 300 crores people in perpetual fear. If you have one square meal and a dress to cover yourself and find a shelter to take a nap then you are more happier than 75% of world population which can’t even afford it. If you have money for a day’s expenses and have a bank account you are in a peer group of 8% people across the world. If your parents are alive still not divorced then you are in a fortunate lot of 5% children of the world. Think that you are fortunate…